What’s On at the John Peel Centre

Beat Jugglers
Jul 13 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Beat Jugglers @ John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

Beat Jugglers are a five piece live dance collective, making up front, flat out party music.

Take oldskool Exodus Collective and free party legend DJ Tech (The Tribal Editor), the trance techno producer who founded Level One Radio. Mix it up with classically trained pianist Joseph Wiggins (JJW), crossing genres from oldskool anthems to hard trance tune live on a piano. Remix this with Rising High Records veteran and brainchild of Law & Auder, our ‘original junglist’ Phil Earle. Then blend together with the soulful vocals of Nikki Neon and spine tingling melodies from Guru Josh saxophonist Mad Mick. Rave up with and Dusty Boot Crew on the dancefloor and boom! Full on, flat out live dance music!