Interview – Vladimir

2016-04-01 Vladimir 1On the 1st April, the gloom-mongers Vladimir came all the way from Dundee to play their final tour stop at the John Peel Centre. We briefly spoke to them to find out how they have been enjoying their touring life so far:

Lottie – JPC: This first question is an old one but a good one; how did you all first meet?

Ross: Me and Peter met through school, we always played music together and liked the same music, then down the line we met Sam and James who had the same sorts of ideas and so we all decided to form a band together.

Lottie: How’s the tour going so far?

Ross: Yeah it’s been going ok, we’ve been playing some places for the first time, it’s been good to go down there an establish ourselves as a presence there.

Lottie: What was it like to support The Fall, just out of interest?

Ross: Scary! But exciting at the same time.

Lottie: Yeah – Mark E Smith has a reputation…

Ross: It was a bit chaotic. He was a bit intimidating, but a nice guy, really.

Peter: He’s an actor.

Manager: He likes you guys! He’s supposed to be a bit nippy with everyone – but he likes you guys…

Lottie: You describe your genre as being ‘bleak’ – what inspires you as a band?

Ross: We like stuff like Jesus and Mary Chain, The Fall, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen…

2016-04-01 Vladimir 3

Lottie: Would you say that Dundee is a pretty good place for bands at the moment? Is it a good place for DIY?

Ross: Erm, there aren’t a great amount of venues. But there’s some good bands. There are some really good bands starting up. Most of the bands try to get out and play other places rather than Dundee.

Lottie: So do you gig in Glasgow a lot of the time as well?

Ross: Yeah, definitely. We do a couple of Dundee gigs as well, but we have to play in other places in Scotland.

Lottie: Do you have an EP out at the moment and what are you currently working on?

Ross: We’ve got a single coming out called ‘I Try’ on the 29th April. We’ve got a few other singles for release… eventually!


(Photos by Peter Clarke)