Perform at the John Peel Centre

The John Peel Centre presents artists and performers that inspire us and our audiences. Our team programme a great mix of popular culture that appeals to a broad audience and new local, national, and international bands and artists you may have never heard before.

When fans buy merchandise from artists that they love, they expect their money will go to support that artist. The JPC is committed to supporting artists by charging zero commission on the merchandise sold at our gigs. Artists are able to operate merchandise operations at their own shows. 100% Venues.

JPC is home to many touring bands and artists, headliners and support.  If you represent a touring or local act who would like to headline or play support at the JPC, please email with as much detail as possible, ideally including details of the sort of deal you would be looking for. The team will do their best to consider your request and will be in contact if they would like to take things further. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee every approach will get a response due to the number received.

Picture Source: Laurence Harvey Photography, Beaux Grix Grix and the Apocalypse 2024

Are you from Suffolk or surrounding areas? Do you want to perform on the JPC stage? Throughout the year we run our popular ‘Emerge‘ night, showcasing new artists and bands.Get in touch if you are interested by emailing the team at When you email us please include where you are based, the genre of music you play, some basic info, and links to you performing live (preferably via a streaming site, eg YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc). If you have a Facebook page/Instagram, please also include a link to that.

The ‘Whole Shebang’ is exactly that – an open mic night where anything is possible! Held bi-monthly, anyone can apply to perform on stage for around 10 minutes, sometimes a bit longer depending on how many acts are appearing on the night. Almost anything goes – music, comedy, poetry, dance, etc (no nudity, no animals, no fire!). Keep an eye out for upcoming events on our website, social media feeds or sign up to our newsletter. Close to the date you will be able to apply in advance to guarantee a slot, or you may be able to turn up on the night and if there is space we will do our best to fit you in. If you don’t fancy taking to the stage – just come along, enjoy the bar, and enjoy the show!

Email to apply.