Want to perform at the John Peel Centre?

If you are interested in performing at the John Peel Centre, we have a variety of ways this could happen.

Apply to our Events Team

Our Events Team meet regularly to discuss the booking of gigs, from the smallest to the biggest. If you represent a touring or local act who would like to headline or play support at the John Peel Centre, please email events@johnpeelcentre.com with as much detail as possible, ideally including details of the sort of deal you would be looking for. The team will then do their best to consider your request at their next meeting, and will be in contact if they would like to take things further. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee every approach will get a response due to the number received.

Apply for one of our emerge nights

Every couple of months we hold a ‘local band night’ – emerge – which aims to showcase exciting up-and-coming local talent. Keep an eye on our social media for the dates of the gigs.

We pay each band performing 20% of the door takings (entry is £3 per person).

You can apply by emailing emerge@johnpeelcentre.com. Please include where you are based, the genre of music you play, some basic info, and links to you performing live (preferably via a streaming site, eg YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc). If you have a Facebook page, please also include a link to that.

Our Events Team will look at your application along with the others we have received at one of our regular meetings.

We usually receive a large number of applications, and unfortunately we are unable to offer a slot to everyone who applies. If our team choose you for one of our nights, they will be in touch as soon as practical.

Please do not take non-selection as a judgement on your act or music; we have to take a number of factors into consideration when compiling a line-up (eg music style, location, availability, etc).

We will automatically include all acts who have applied within the past 12 months for consideration for future emerge nights (unless you ask us not to). You will also be on our radar as potential support acts for touring bands (our Events Team will be in contact if such an opportunity comes up).

Play at our Open-Mic Night

We sporadically hold our own “Whole Shebang” Open-Mic Night, where anyone can apply to perform on stage for approx 10mins, sometimes a bit longer depending on how many acts are appearing on the night. Almost anything goes – music, comedy, poetry, dance, etc (no nudity, no animals!). Keep an eye out on our website and social media for when the next date will be. Close to the date you will be able to apply in advance to guarantee a slot, or you can usually just turn up on the night and we’ll fit you in.

Hire the Centre

Anyone can ask to hire the John Peel Centre to host their own private or public event. Visit this page for more information.