Perform at the John Peel Centre

The John Peel Centre aims to present work that inspires us and our audiences. Our current programming priorities are popular culture with a focus on music, comedy, and touring theatre.

We advocate the emerging, providing a platform for artists to develop the ‘new’.

We champion the diverse, showcasing art and artists that our audiences may not have seen before.

We celebrate the revered, programming (inter)nationally recognised and renowned artists of all genres.

If you are interested in performing at the John Peel Centre, we have a variety of ways this could happen.

Apply for one of our Emerge nights

Are you from Suffolk or surrounding areas? Do you want to perform on the JPC stage? Throughout the year we run our popular Emerge night, showcasing new artists and bands. Find out more here.


Play at our Open-Mic Night

The ‘Whole Shebang’ is exactly that – our open mic night where anything is possible! We invite you to come and experience the JPC welcome.

Find out more about how to apply here.

Contact our Events Team

JPC is home to many touring bands and artists; headliners and support. Our Events Team meet regularly to discuss the booking of gigs, from the smallest to the biggest. If you represent a touring or local act who would like to headline or play support at the John Peel Centre, please email with as much detail as possible, ideally including details of the sort of deal you would be looking for. The team will then do their best to consider your request at their next meeting, and will be in contact if they would like to take things further. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee every approach will get a response due to the number received.