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3 July 2024

Rainbow Girls

Californian Trio, Rainbow Girls, were at the JPC last Thursday with a set list so jaw-dropping they caused a power cut in Stowmarket (not really).
Vanessa May, Erin Chapin, and Caitlin Gowdey wowed us all with stunning vocals, impressive range of instruments (including a double bass), and versatile song writing. Compassion to the Nth degree, still stuck in my head to this day, begins “I love you like I love white supremacists/and people who still steal from small businesses,” and carries on a similar marvellously sarcastic vein. American Dream on the other hand, also title of their 2017 album, hits home with lyrics about unattainable dreams and the broken promises of modern America.
Not only were they stunning vocalists and instrumentalists, but they also provided us with hilarious commentary between songs. A crowd favourite was when they each tried to do British accents and asked us to guess where they were from in Britain (impossible).
And let’s not forget the support artist and guest Rainbow Girl, Anna Moss, who showed us endless charisma, a voice to die for, and a surprise appearance from her clarinet, and Tom Quell who came up on stage for a few songs and added his smooth vocals to their already beautiful harmonies. The five of them even joined us in the crowd for the last song and got us to sing along!
It was when all five of them were on stage that the power went out. The lights turned on, the mic dropped out, and the musicians carried on valiantly as the JPC staff ran around backstage. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for planned power cuts in Stowmarket from now on, but we actually think it added a bit of fun to the night.
All in all, Rainbow Girls gave us another brilliant gig at the JPC. It was chaos of the best kind, and we’d love to have them back again next time they’re in the UK!
Photo by Mick Spencer

18 June 2024

Brave Rival

Brave Rival were back at the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket on Friday night following their first visit a year ago. A good sized crowd of dedicated ‘Bravians’ plus a few ‘Brave Rival Virgins’ had assembled determined to have a good time, and they certainly did that. The band bring something different, with two female vocalists (Lindsey Bonnick and Chloe Josephine) sharing the singing duties and a female drummer (Donna Peters), it is not the standard rock band line-up and it’s all the better for it. The band line-up is completed with Ed Clarke on guitar and Billy Danger Dedman on bass.
It was evident from the off that they were going to enjoy themselves, and bring the crowd along for the ride. Sing-alongs were not optional and there was plenty of laughter and interaction with the crowd and between band members, all making for an enjoyable evening. The music was taken mainly from their first album but a few teasers from the pending new release in August were thrown in to whet the appetite.
They have gathered a good head of steam over the past couple of years following their first album, and with the new album imminent they are set to continue their growth and I see no reason why not.
Photo and blog by Lawrence Harvey

14 June 2024

Well, we have hit another milestone here at the JPC
The café/music bar has now been open two months and the feedback is great! Thanks to Adam, Rhona, Abby, Mai, Holly and Olivia, and of course you lovely people, the 11 Market Place door is now WIDE OPEN and packed with great new friends (and a few well behaved dogs). The coffee, snacks, new lunch menu and kids corner all appear to be going down a storm. JPC and Chocolate Tiger Coffee Company have been awarded 5 stars for food and hygiene (hooray!) so the world is now our oyster as they say. We are dipping our toes in evening entertainment in the ground floor space (folk nights, writing workshops, live music and watch out for our new ‘Drink and Draw’ events), so keep an eye on the website for key dates for your diary. We are going to be starting a book swap so if you have any old books you have read and fancy recycling – please do drop them in and pick up something else to read whilst you are here.

As we move closer to getting our planning application in for the building work on the rest of the building we are doing some very gentle work on the ballroom upstairs to get the room ready for use (exciting!). Although we will need to wait a little longer to get the lift up to the 1st floor, (big money), we want to offer the jaw-dropping space upstairs for rehearsals, wellness, dance, art exhibitions, whilst we do so. More news soon.

The gigs are going great next door at Church Walk and our Autumn programme is now pretty packed up until the New Year. We are loving welcoming you all and are busy raising some money for new seating and fingers crossed, some great new lighting, and our fab volunteers will be getting a splash of fresh paint on the walls in the coming weeks to spruce the place up.

The box office is open Monday to Friday 10-2pm at 11 Market Place so pop in and say hello whenever you fancy. There is a suggestion box, so feel free to scribble down any thoughts and asks and we will do our very best to take onboard your ideas.

New volunteers are always welcome, you can pick up a form whilst you are here. 

Until later, all the best and thanks for your support

Love the JPC team