Interview – Daisy Victoria

The John Peel Centre spoke to Daisy Victoria before her upcoming performance for BBC Introducing… Suffolk on 23/09 about her new EP.

Lottie: Can you tell me about the production of your most recent single, ‘Animal Lover’? Because I saw that you recorded this, and your new EP, with Pixies producer Dan Austin…

Daisy: It was recorded at Eve Studios, Manchester – an all analogue studio. I love dirty analogue sounds and use a tape player to record my initial ideas, so wanted to try to preserve that sound as much as possible. 

Lottie: And the music video as well – do you think that the dark, Romantic feel is influenced by your time living in Suffolk? 

Daisy: Yeah, I enjoy walking through the forest where I live, that’s where I spend a lot of time when I get the chance and where it was mostly filmed. 

Lottie: Do you have any vocal training? Because you’ve got a very interesting vocal range that reminds me a bit of Russell Mael from Sparks! 

Daisy: Thanks! I don’t have training, but I love it when the extremes of the low and high registers of the voice are explored. 

Lottie: Dark Water sounds kind of ’90s influenced in that it’s introduced by a heavy riff before the start of your first vocal line. What have you been listening to in the process of making this album? 

Daisy: Nico and Nick Cave.

Lottie: Are there any plans to release a full length album?  

Daisy: Plans are loose at the moment but another EP is coming next I think, and hopefully an LP in the not too distant future. 

Lottie: Have you played any other venues in Suffolk before? 

Daisy: Yeah, Latitude. That and a previous BBC Introducing in Suffolk gig at the JPC are two of my favourite shows ever!  

Daisy Victoria’s EP ‘Animal Lover’ was released 19th August. The John Peel Centre BBC Introducing… Suffolk performance is FREE.