Interview – Daisy Palmer of Feverist

The John Peel Centre interview Daisy Palmer (photo: far left), drummer and singer from London five-piece Feverist, who played here on the 16th April. She’s very busy, she tells me, and has been away in the countryside working on yet another project Mesadorm with the lead singer of poppy, new-wave influenced Vaults.


Lottie (JPC): You’ve worked on other projects before, including as a drummer for Goldfrapp. Can you tell me about this experience?

Daisy: Goldfrapp are an awesome band to work with. I was with them for about 2 years and went all over the world, travelling in style and having a really brilliant time. Alison is one of the best vocalists I’ve ever worked with and I rate their songwriting and lyricism very highly indeed. The gigs were all sold out and brilliant fun, plus the guys in the band are wonderful people and really welcomed me into the touring family.


Lottie: In your new band Feverist, your track ‘Criminal Mastermind’ has already received acclaim from the likes of Clash Magazine. What’s the influence behind the song title and the track’s almost heavy, brooding sound?

Daisy: Feverist have a range of musical influences (Radiohead, Blur, The Pixes etc..) but the main theme is an idea of ‘The Feverist’ as a character who reports on the political and social state of our times. Many of our songs are based on this underlying theme and in Criminal Mastermind, the Feverist is searching for a role model, but the only one that makes sense to him is a Criminal Mastermind. It is a social commentary on how the youth of today have been left with no one vote for, and no one to look up to who is doing anything of any worth, except for people who are breaking the law. How else will they make something of themselves in this society that crushes the poor and welcomes the idea of increasing the gap between the rich and poor. It is about society backing youth into a tight corner which forces the Feverist reaction.


Lottie: You also recorded a track which became part of the soundtrack for Peaky Blinders. How did you manage to get this track played on a major BBC television drama?

Daisy: I was approached by the composer Martin Phipps to play drums/percussion on his score for the first series. Me and Joshua (Feverist guitarist/songwriter) were then asked by Martin and the direction team to create a worldwide version of the soundtrack, as they couldn’t use some of the music for legal reasons. We wrote a total of 13 tracks for the show, and you can see our version on Netflix now. We worked closely with Dan (Feverist singer/songwriter) to create something that was suitable for the show, and which had a similar vibe to the tracks that were on the UK version. Out of this came the sound for Feverist, and you’ll hear one of the tracks, ‘Arthur’s Hanging’, on our new EP that will be coming out soon.


Lottie: You sing and play drums. Do you do both live?

Daisy: Yes.


Lottie: What are Feverist working on at the moment? Any new recordings?

Daisy: We are working on releasing 2 EPs this year and then the album either at the end of the year or at the beginning of next year. Most tracks are recorded at Abbey Road with our outrageously talented producer/guitarist John Barrett. But we are constantly working on new songs and ideas so the album may well have some newer material on it.