Band Showcase – Egyptian Blue

Featuring on the BBC Introducing lineup at the Centre next week are Egyptian Blue, a band who describe themselves as being influenced by psychedelic and punk. Band member Andy Buss tells us that the band have been collectively listening to ‘some Link Wray, The Birthday Party and a bit of Zeahorse’.

Egyptian Blue aren’t tethered to one genre, and certainly aren’t in the thrall of contemporary American indie like Kurt Vile and Parquet Courts. Its members flit between Ipswich, Colchester and Brighton, and are part of a group of bands who have recently emerged from Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, like SuperGlu and Gaffa Tape Sandy. Egyptian Blue aren’t part of the same ‘scene’, however.

The band help out with a promotions company in Ipswich called WUF, Andy tells us. He says that they usually have monthly gigs which are put on at Pump & Grind in Ipswich, a new venue which is beginning to attract the bigger crowds, seeing in bands that do not usually play in the Suffolk area. Suffolk is not an area usually on a band’s tour programme, despite Cambridge and Norwich being popular parts of the UK for touring.

Egyptian Blue are big fans of two local Essex bands, Loose Joints and So-Called Humans (supporting The Monochrome Set at the Centre on 18/06).

At present, Egyptian Blue’s music can be found on SoundCloud, a free streaming website that currently does not pay the artists for plays; but the band have not reached the stage financially where they are able to sell physical copies of their music. Andy informs that ‘they have always wanted to [release on physical format] but the funding is a major issue’. They are planning to release an EP soon, which they would ideally like to release on vinyl or cassette.

Egyptian Blue will be playing the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts with BBC Introducing… Suffolk on Friday 17th June. The event is completely FREE.