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7:30 pm Streaming Online – The Whole She...
Streaming Online – The Whole She...
Apr 29 @ 7:30 pm
Streaming Online - The Whole Shebang Open Mic @ Home @ On YouTube!
The John Peel Centre’s ‘Whole Shebang’ Open Mic Night is back for a fourth online edition! Send us your performances!

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NEW BOOKING SYSTEM: We're pleased to announce that we now have a new online booking system! This has been made possible by the grant from the Cultural Recovery Fund. This will allow us to manage our ticket sales in-house in future, with greater flexibility. It also allows for automatic social distancing when booking of tickets. The booking fee that we ask you to pay alongside the ticket price will now go directly towards the admin and running costs associated with the JPC.

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The Event That Never Happened
Challenge 81 artists

In celebration of what would have been John Peel's 81st birthday, the Directors, employees, volunteers, and Friends of the JPC undertook a range of exciting and unusual fundraising activities connected to John Peel, 81, and the work of the JPC. Find out more